Company History - 

Bán Manufacturing Kft.

The Bán Manufacturing Support Ltd has been developed in 2007 as a small family business. In the early years we offered on-site support for multinational manufacturers and for OEM companies as subcontractor to complete sub, rework and sorting processes. As years went by we have done subcontracting electronical production and sorting works in our Csaroda based branch office.

Thanks to our continuous improvements in 2011 our company has been extended with a site plan named Bán Ukraine Ltd. (Beregovo, Ukraine) which deals with injection molding, grinding, tool maintenance and assembly. In 2012 our new 1000 m2 site has been handed over in Csaroda which has been followed by a 1200 m2 site in 2013.

In 2013 as a result of the increase in the market demands, cooperating with the Lotus Energy Ltd., uniquely in Hungary started the production - under the trademark of BEREG LED - of the new LED product family. In the same year next to the production of household products we started our new projects in solar outdoor lighting systems, in which's framework unique, so called' off grid-runned outdoor lighting fixture are operated in such a way that they do not need any mains power, because thanks to the solar cells they use renewable energy source.

Thanks to the continuous Research and Development our product range is expanding, we develop individual solutions for the retro-filling of the exciting lighting fixtures' with our modern mounting panel which means that with the retooling of the electronical system of the exciting fixtures we only need to incorporate the LED panels. By this not only money and energy can be saved by the customers, but also the time and cost which emerge with the set-up of a new lighting fixture.

Our further development includes reflectors which have been installed at the Schengen border crossing stations. In Hungary these products only manufactured by BánManufacturing Support Ltd.
Although our company not only deals with the manufacturing of LED products, in the future we want to develop it further and prove that we can produce high quality products in Hungary.